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Ear protector silicone bandage mask hook ear rope wear head Adjustable

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Name: mask extension belt

Material: silica gel

Weight: 3g

Size: 11 * 9 * 5 cm

Still worried about not getting the mask?  Are you still worried about breathing in a mask?

Silver ion cloth that can be sterilized and reused increases the number of times the mask is used.

Suitable for nose bridge design, effective protection, can match almost all types of masks.

Three-dimensional support increases exhalation space, no longer boring, breathing more smoothly.

Lips no longer stick to the mask, reducing the risk of illness and maintaining the internal hygiene of the mask.

Masks and our brackets have double protection to increase prevention and stop necessary travel.


  • Mask extension band: relieves ear scars and releases ear pressure.
  • Wear ear protection artifact: light weight, thoroughly solve the problem of ear pain, and make wearing a mask more comfortable.
  • Card slot design: not easy to fall off, easy to operate, suitable for almost all masks.
  • Soft silicone: bendable, recoverable, non-yellowing, soft and comfortable.
  • Adjustable, suitable for various head types so that masks will no longer be a burden.